Verus II Direct Coupled Motor

  Verus II, a New Way to Spin Vinyl
Prior to the ground-breaking Certus direct drive turntable common audiophile wisdom held that the path to audio nirvana was by means of a belt drive turntable. This advancement of the analog audio arts, the Certus, proved that direct drive, when implemented properly, is capable of so much more than previously realized. Now, Teres Audio brings the benefits of the Certus motor technology to audio enthusiasts at an affordable price.

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Direct Coupling
Verus introduces a simple and effective drive methodology we call Direct Coupling. Direct Coupling utilizes a large diameter pulley, a large surface area square o-ring and gravity to directly couple the motor to the platter eliminating the degradations introduced by belts and idler wheels. This simple and direct approach in combination with the micro precise speed from the Certus inspired multiphase synchronous motor results in a quantum leap in speed stability compared to traditional belt drive systems. Along with rock solid speed stability the Verus motors micro-precise speed eliminates smearing and distortions that are not typically attributed to motor or drive issues. You must hear for yourself how articulate, delicate and tuneful your records will sound with the Verus motor.


  • Non-cogging multi-phase permanent magnet synchronous motor
  • High resolution digital drive signal synthesis
  • Speeds supported: 33-1/3, 45 and 78
  • Motor torque adjustment: 16 steps.
  • Motor height: 4.3" (to the O-ring center)
  • Controller dimensions: 8.45"w x 9.75"d x 3.5"h
  • Motor pod dimensions: 3.0"w x 5.4"d x 4.0"h
  • Configurable sleep timer (shuts off after 42 minutes of uninterrupted operation)
  • Configurable for 120 or 240 volt, 50 or 60 HZ power


  • $1970 - Verus Motor & Controller
  • $320 - Motor Pod Upgrade

New Motor Pod
The Verus motor now features a new, considerably better sounding motor pod. We discovered that the motor pod itself has a larger than anticipated impact on sound quality. The pod size, shape and material all have audible effects.

After extensive experimentation we found that a large rectangular motor pod constructed from aluminum delivered the best overall results. This new, larger motor pod delivers a greater measure of the direct coupled goodness that has been long associated with the Verus motor.

A simple lift mechanism (not pictured) has been added to the new motor pod. With a flick of a lever it tilts the drive wheel away from the platter when not in use.

The improved pod is now standard with the Verus motor and is also available as an upgrade for existing Verus owners.

Available for a Wide Range of Turntables
The Verus motor is easily adapted to a large number of turntables. The only requirement is the ability to position the Verus motor against the turntable platter. The Verus motor simply leans against the platter and gravity provides the proper pressure. No sensor or strobe disk is required to achieve constant, consistent non-cogging platter speed. The Verus motor places the center of the drive wheel o-ring at a height of 4.3 inches.

Due to its superior speed and stability, the Verus motor will bring extraordinary musical value to any turntable to which it can be applied.

The Verus motor has been used with positive results on the following turntables: VPI Scout, VPI Aries, VPI Scoutmmaster, Basis 2800, Nottingham Hyperspace, Scheu Premier, Acoustic Solid, Platine Verdier, Micro Seki 5000, LaLuce SPJ, RedPoint, Galibier, Brinkman and SME 30.

Switches in the Verus controller allow for precise control of both motor speed and torque. The subtle differences from the torque settings are interesting with lower settings sounding smoother and higher settings sounding more controlled and articulate. The Verus controller technology establishes spot on speed accuracy that will not drift over time and never needs to be readjusted.

Micro-Precise Speed Technology Paper This detailed paper describes the challenges of turntable motor design and how those challenges are met with Teres technology.


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