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Scratch & Dent Sale (Updated 22-Oct-2013) A few remaining discontinued and discounted items for sale. A Schroeder Tonearm, motors, clamps and battery chargers are all available on our scratch and dent page. Click to see the deals.

Illius Tonearm from Teres Audio We are happy to announce the arrival of the Teres Illius tonearm. Illius is a unique "tri-pivot" design, using magnetic stabilization and unconventional materials to achieve the finest in analog reproduction. Click for details.

VERUS Direct Coupled Motor At Teres Audio we searched for a way to make the goodness of our highly successful Certus technology more affordable. We succeeded and the result is an all new drive design using ultra low cogging Certus technology. The Verus motor is easily adaptable to a wide variety of turntables. Hear the Verus motor yourself with a no-risk money back trial. Click for details.

Verus Motor Reviews and Customer Comments A number of unsolicited reviews and comments regarding The Verus motor. Most comments are from public discussion forums. Click for details.

Micro-Precise Speed Technology Paper A technical paper dealing with turntable motor design is now available. This paper describes the challenges of constant speed and how those challenges are met with Teres Certus and Verus technology.

Illius Tonearm

Verus Motor

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